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Erasmus+ incoming student – Maria Ramos

My experience and feelings about the Faculty of Media in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia – Erasmus+ exchange

“Going on Erasmus+ was one of the best decisions of my life. I chose Slovenia because several people had already told me good things about the academic spirit and, on the other hand, because the location to travel is amazing!!! I only believed this was happening when I got on the plane with a single ticket only.

Photo: personal archive Maria Ramos

I was quite lucky with my host faculty, who have always been very helpful. I chose the Faculty of Media, because, within the curriculum it offered, it was undoubtedly the one that, in Slovenia, was in line with what I wanted: journalism. The teachers were always very attentive and also showed interest in learning more about Portuguese culture and education. I learned a lot of fundamental and practical things, which complemented the theory of teaching in Portugal. The language was sometimes an obstacle, but English got us through and we managed to overcome all the difficulties.

From this experience, I take away excellent friendships, unique memories and a new place in my heart for little Ljubljana (apart from the cold weather, it’s an amazing city). To the next students who decide to go to Slovenia and FUDS, I recommend you go with an open mind and be willing to live new experiences. Don’t be afraid, because there is no one here to judge you, but to help you improve and make your journey better!”

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